US-441/State Road 7 Roadway Project

The US-441/State Road 7 corridor has been one of the City of Hollywood’s most important residential and commercial districts for decades. The corridor is home to retail shops, restaurants, automotive dealerships and many other businesses, and thousands of Hollywood residents live in the area. US-441/State Road 7 is accessed every day by individuals heading to work along the corridor or elsewhere in Hollywood, and local businesses depend on this thoroughfare for commerce.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has been conducting a comprehensive roadway improvement project along the US-441/State Road 7 corridor. In Hollywood, the focus is from south of Pembroke Road to Stirling Road. Construction work is being carried out in segments, the first began in the spring of 2014 in the area of Southwest 25 Street north to Fillmore Street. This section is scheduled to be completed by May 2018.  

The second segment involves construction work from Fillmore Street north to Stirling Road which began in the winter of 2015. this portion of construction is schedule for completion by February 2019. Landscaping and irrigation installation is scheduled to begin summer 2018. See the most recent Construction Photos here.  
Once completed, US-441/State Road 7 in Hollywood will feature six traffic lanes, landscaped safety medians, dry retention areas for stormwater runoff, new lighting and sidewalks, bicycle lanes, and bus bays. The City of Hollywood Department of Public Works is working with FDOT to develop the planned dry retention areas into linear parks that will make US-441/State Road 7 much more visually appealing and safer for pedestrians, residents ,businesses, and motorists.

Making our vision of a vibrant, revitalized US-441/State Road 7 corridor a reality will require hard work by construction crews as well as continued understanding and patience from local residents and business owners. Traffic patterns in the construction area will be affected. Specifically, vehicular access into and out of the Hollywood Gardens neighborhood will be limited along US-441/State Road 7 between Hollywood Boulevard and Johnson Street (thus requiring the permanent closing of certain streets).

The proposed traffic plan for this area is as follows:

• A southbound left turn into the neighborhood or U-turn capability at Fillmore Street
• A northbound left turn or U-turn at Pierce Street
• Right turn only at intersecting streets entering US-441/State Road 7 except at Fillmore Street where left, right and through maneuvers will be allowed
• Closing Columbus Parkway at its intersection with Hollywood Boulevard and US-441/State Road 7 for safety reasons
• Closing vehicular access to and from US-441/State Road 7 at Tyler, Taylor, Pierce and Lincoln streets
• FDOT is considering limiting access at Glen Parkway and Johnson Street. Traffic signals will remain operational at the intersections of Hollywood Boulevard and Johnson Street at US-441/State Road 7.

VIDEO: Transit Oriented Corridor US441/SR7 Commercial District Rezoning Meeting - May 5, 2016

VIDEO: Groundbreaking Ceremony held on Friday, March 27, 2015

Construction Photos

The conceptual parkway plan for the stretch of US-441/State Road 7 from Hollywood Boulevard north to Johnson Street was presented to the Hollywood City Commission during its regular meeting on July 18, 2012.

View the July 18, 2012 presentation to the Hollywood City Commission (Real Player required)

The following are project renderings as presented to the Hollywood City Commission (click on a rendering to enlarge. Adobe Reader required).

Hollywood Corner Tower
A perspective of the northeast corner of 441 and Hollywood Blvd. (looking northeast)
Columbus Parkway
Birds-eye view of Columbus Pkwy. at Hollywood Blvd. & 441, bus stop, retention pond, walking path
Hollywood to Polk
Conceptual park plan segment from Hollywood Blvd. (left) north to Polk St. (right)
Polk to Fillmore
Conceptual park plan segment from Polk St. (left) north to Fillmore St. (right)
Fillmore to Buchanan
Conceptual park plan segment from Fillmore St. (left) north to Buchanan St. (right)
Buchanan to Johnson
Conceptual park plan segment from Buchanan St. (left) north to Johnson St. (right)
Typical Park Path
Perspective showing a typical tree-lined curvilinear walking path with 4-foot-wide bicycle lane along 441
Hollywood Gardens features
Perspective/sketch study for Hollywood Gardens neighborhood street entrance features
Foot bridge crossing
Perspective of park plaza and retention pond foot bridge crossing (typical at Taylor and Pierce)
Glen Parkway Playground
Perspective showing children’s playground (looking northwest at Glen Parkway and Lincoln St.)
Johnson Corner Plaza - Left
Left perspective of plaza at the SE corner of 441 and Johnson St. (looking NE to SE)
Johnson Corner Plaza - Right
Right perspective of plaza at the SE corner of 441 and Johnson St. (looking NE to SE)

Your thoughts about the project are important to the City of Hollywood, so you are encouraged to share your thoughts by e-mailing the City of Hollywood Department of Public Works at

Together, we can ensure US-441/State Road 7 remains a viable, safe and attractive corridor for many years to come.